City Security Services, LLC

Innovating the Future of Security.

Whether you are in need of a guard for a security post, a reception desk or a team of officers to monitor a whole network of facilities, we are here to provide efficient and reliable solutions.

On-site Armed & Unarmed Security

Commissioned and non-commissioned security officers are both very valuable assets you need to leverage in the complicated modern landscape we live in. As a reputable entity operating in the security guard space, we have a wealth of data and experience to draw from. Our company experts can help navigate whether you need armed vs. unarmed security services.  The following are areas in which our company staffs: 

  • Construction Sites (24/7)
  • Residential & Commercial Security
  • Hotel Security (includes concierge and reception duties)
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Retail and Parking Lots
  • Patrol Vehicles
  • Event Security
  • Access control Commercial and Residential properties
  • Security bike / on foot patrols
  • Special events
  • Loss prevention
  • De-escalation of volatile situations Other Key Markets

Security Consulting

Your safety is our TOP priority and to achieve this we make sure to provide you with all the security solutions you need, including consulting services.

  • Analyze and review current security protocols
  • Review of incident reports & other foreseeable issues establishing trends
  • Review property site maps for any gaps
  • Implement Key Performance Indicators to make security improvements
  • Review of property security procedures and equipment
  • In-house security rules and procedures

24/7 Customer Service

Our Customer Service Agents are available 24/7 from our fully functional offices to respond to any emergency or request making us stand out from other security companies.

Our representatives are trained security professionals functioning as watch-commanders prepared to make any supervisory decision. 

 It’s The Details That Count

Our company supplies uniforms & equipment at no cost to you allowing the security guards to be equipped and professional. Your security team is a direct representation of your business. A security guard is the first human encounter in most businesses. Our security company prides itself on appearance and professional etiquette enhancing the reputation of your company.

We Only Work With The Best

Our guards are trained and certified in not only the workplace duties but in dedication and compassionate delivery. A positive interaction and an overall more enjoyable atmosphere around the workplace ensues.

Every Security Guard On Our Team Is TOPS Certified

The TOPS certified difference ensures that our security guards uphold standards instilled in them by highly specific training and certification programs. The Texas department of public safety is an organization that exists to help protect the well-being of Texans in and around the state. By setting forth the guidelines by which security guards are certified guarantees that not just anyone can become a level 2 or level 3 certified security guard. See Below for more information on the distinct differences between level two and level 3 certification.

Level 2 Security Services

Level 2 TOPS certified security guards are known as non-commissioned security officers. A security specialist trained up to the standards of a level two certification will maintain the peace and safety in and around your establishment. To learn more about getting level 2 non-commissioned security officers on your property.

Level 3 Security Services

Level 3 TOPS certified security guards also go by the name of commissioned security officers. They are licensed and approved by the state of Texas to carry loaded firearms while both on and off duty. There are many benefits to utilizing level 3 TOPS certified security services on your property. To discuss how armed security guards fit into your operations, give us a phone call.

Private Security Guards

 Having a physical security guard guarantees your safety when your daily routine is upset. You never know when you could experience a threat to you, your customers or your assets.  Stay ahead of the curve by proactively protecting your site with professional security guards from City Security Services.

Types of Security Guards We Offer

By bringing together a wide variety of security guards, we have the resources available to assist you in virtually any situation. We understand that not every business has the same security service needs. Take a look below to see the different types of security guard services we can bring you.

Foot Patrols

Foot security guards have the versatility of moving both in and out of any commercial facility and/or residential property. We maintain hundreds of Houston based level 2 or 3 certified foot patrol guards to patrol your property.

Our foot patrol guards are ready to protect your construction site assets, monitor unauthorized access to your hotel or any additional needs. When it comes to foot patrol, our guards have been trained to remain on their feet all day. The City Security Services team has just what you need.


Stationary security guards have the capacity to virtually be in multiple places at one time. By sitting in a stationary location while monitoring surveillance equipment of incoming and outgoing video footage, you automatically get a line of defense which helps you monitor who is entering or exiting your property.

Most stationary security guards are situated near the retail storefront entrances or commercial facility parking lot gates. Whether you need a customized stationary security guard plan or someone to monitor your cameras, contact your team today.

Mobile Patrol

When your facilities security guards have the power of mobile patrol, your entire perimeter becomes well guarded. Many compounds, campuses, and warehouse facilities have numerous weak spots fixed around the property. Regular car patrol sweeping the area will help you keep an eye on those areas most vulnerable to penetration. As a professional security guard company in Houston, we maintain the assets and personnel necessary to facilitate affordable mobile patrol security services on your behalf.